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Article: 4 Tips to Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer

4 Tips to Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer | NEAT BEAUTY® LTD

4 Tips to Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer

How to Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer

Thanks to the YouTube and IGTV videos of Huda Kattan and Jeffrey Star, you’re close to becoming a pro at makeup application! However, even after mastering all the makeup techniques and tapping into the beauty secrets of the blogger world, your makeup doesn’t look as flawless as that in your favorite beauty gurus’ videos.

Why, what is it that you’re doing wrong?

Well, you should start with inspecting the makeup brushes that you’re using!

The residue of your foundation is telling that they’re dirty beyond repair. The bristles have become hard, and oh, they’ve started to stink! Common sense tells that it’s time to replace them. But you invested so much money into them!

Well, lesson learnt. Even the most expensive of your makeup tools will get damaged if you don’t take care of them. With these four tips, get ready to make your makeup brushes last longer!

1.   Wash Them Regularly

Washing your makeup brushes at least twice a month is necessary to keep them in good shape and condition. And if you really love them, you can follow a weekly washing routine!

All you have to do is to take a small glass and mix mild soap with water in it. Swirl each brush in the water to get rid of any dirt, makeup residue, or oil on the bristles. Then, gently rinse the brushes with warm water and lay them on a clean towel for drying.

Read how to properly clean your makeup brushes here!   

2.   Use the Right Brush with the Right Product

One of the most common mistakes women make is to grab the closest brush and use it to apply foundation, blush-on, and highlighter on their face without realizing that it’s wrong on so many levels!

You must know that brushes with natural bristles work well with dry products (think powders) whereas, synthetic brushes are more suited for liquid products. This doesn’t only make your makeup brushes last longer but also ensures smooth and flawless makeup application.

3.   Don’t be Aggressive

You might have noticed that your hand movements get rough and aggressive when you’re running out of time while applying makeup.

Harsh application only causes the bristles to bend haphazardly and worse, some bristles may start falling off! This will ultimately ruin your makeup application. Hence, always apply makeup with light hands and gentle strokes. Go easy on your brushes and your skin, ladies!

4.   Store Them Properly

If you want to make your makeup brushes last longer, it is imperative to store them properly away from dust and sunlight. And no, please don’t even think of keeping them in airtight plastic bags. Your brushes need to be able to breathe and have enough space to keep their shape when not in use.

The best way to store them is by putting them in Plexiglass makeup display sets with the bristles facing upward. This won’t only keep them safe and clean but also organized! Just make sure that your brushes are completely dry when you put them on display.

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