Ever seen a diamond that was just cleaned? Notice how much more of a dazzling sparkle it promotes? You can transform your dusty, dirty, dull acrylic makeup organizer into a dazzling gem again with our new NOVUS PRODUCTS!

Acrylic is a very delicate material that must be maintained with the proper cleaning agents. Our Novus products are the perfect package to maintain the high gloss of our acrylic organizers. Normal wear and tear, water, lime stains, makeup, and dust will reduce the clarity of the NEAT DISPLAYS, so it's imperative to keep it looking like the first day it arrived to your doorstep!

The NEAT Company is a proud DISTRIBUTOR of Novus products!

It is extremely important to maintain the luster of your NEAT and remove dust and debris with the proper cleaning agents. Novus acrylic cleaning products are the best choice to restore dirty, stained, dulled, or lightly scuffed acrylic into a sparkling gem again. Novus promotes unbelievable shine allowing the true transparency of our NEAT Displays to sparkle and the longevity of it's high gloss. It's AMAZING!

What is Plexiglass and How to Clean it 

Plexiglas is a phenomenal choice for glass. That is the reason it's otherwise called acrylic glass and is a standout amongst the most generally utilized materials. 

In contrast to glass, however, it is confirmed to be shatterproof, entirely adaptable, and considerably increasingly straightforward. 

Then again, Plexiglas scratches all the more effectively whenever done intentionally with a sharp instrument and it's not appropriate for utilization that includes mechanical wear – and pulls in the residue. 

To get the most extreme life out of your plexiglass in case you do not wish to purchase our Novus Polish ProductsNEVER at any point utilize a cleaning arrangement that contains alkali or ammonia to clean your plastic. Cleaners such as the ones used for Window Cleaning will accomplish more damage than anything else.

Utilize a microfiber material such as our Novus Polish Mates  or Premium Novus Polish Mates to forestall surface scratches.

Power Buffer
  • If the damaged area is fairly large or badly damaged, a power buffer may be used with NOVUS  No.2 and No.3. Use a clean cotton bonnet and operate the buffer at a low speed to avoid overheating the plastic, approximately 1,000 RPM. Each polish should be applied with a seperate, clean bonnet.
Before Polishing
  • Before attempting to clean or remove scratches, always make sure the plastic is cool to the touch. Use a liberal amount of plastic cleaner to safely remove surface dust and dirt. In addition, test scratch removers in a small or inconspicuous area for compatibility.
Coated Plastics
  • Some plastics are coated with a thin film which may be damaged by the abrasives in the polish. NOVUS No. 2 and No. 3 Polishes are not recommended for use on coated plastics or eyeglass lenses.
  • Polishing Cloth
  • The type of polishing cloth you use will make a difference. The ideal cloth is non abrasive, absorbent and lint free just like our  Novus Polish Mates  or Premium Novus Polish Mates .
If you're not using our Novus Polish Mates:
  • Can be cleaned with any product used for Plastic cleaning but that will never give you 20% of the satisfying results the NOVUS Polish Products will.


  • To eliminate any chance of scratching, use only disposable cloths. Reusable cloths can retain abrasive particles, but you won't know for sure until the damage is done. Use a soft cotton cloth.
  • Wipe the wet plexiglass with your microfiber fabric.
  • Wipe the plexiglass until it is dry.    



Stay away from common household cleaners such as Windex or Glass Cleansers and products containing alcohol and or harsh chemicals as it will strip the luster and cause crazing (tiny hairline cracks) in the acrylic over time .Avoid using polyester or rayon wipes which can scratch unprotected plastics.

*Keep away from heat from blow dryers, curling irons, light bulbs, direct sunlight, and products containing alcohol such as hairspray, perfume, makeup remover, and other common household products. If these chemicals have come into contact with your NEAT rinse immediately and use Novus Products to clean.