Top 4 Essentials for Makeup Vanity Decor

Makeup Vanity Decor: 4 Essentials You Must Have

Before the extra bling, accessories, and decorative items, you must focus on some basic essentials when it comes to makeup vanity décor. Whether you’re getting ready for work on a typical Monday morning or dolling up for a fancy party, a makeup vanity that’s equipped with all essentials can push your confidence level one tick higher!

Here are four things every girl must invest in for pretty makeup vanity décor.

1.   A Close-up Mirror

While your makeup vanity has to have a large mirror, it’s not going to be enough. Chances are that you’ll apply your makeup while sitting on that comfortable seat you specially bought for the vanity. Hence, you must have a close-up mirror for applying eye makeup, lipstick, and anything that requires careful hand movements and brush strokes.  

2.   An Empty Vase

A small, wide-mouthed vase is a great storage option to keep your daily use makeup brushes, eyebrow pencils and lip pencils in easy reach. Plus, it also serves as a decorative piece to enhance the look of your vanity. A plain vase also allows you to get creative and put your artistic skills to use.

3.   A Jewelry Stand

Most girls also keep their jewelry items on the vanity. If you happen to have a huge collection of fashion jewelry, you should consider investing in a nice jewelry stand. This will ensure that your necklaces and bracelets remain untangled and your vanity looks clean and organized at all times.  

4.   Makeup Organizers

The most important thing you can have in your makeup vanity is a makeup organizer. It is the ultimate solution to keep your beloved makeup items protected from germs, humidity, and air. That being said, you should consider buying Plexiglass makeup organizers because they are durable, practical, and stylish. Moreover, they have a transparent surface to allow you to view all your makeup items at a glance.

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