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Whether you’re a makeup novice or have been experimenting with it for years, it’s important to have premium quality makeup and beauty essentials in your collection. High end makeup accessories, tools, and products allow you to create a chic look everyday so that you can slay at all times!

Discover the latest in makeup and beauty essentials at our beauty essentials store to add playful and trendy makeup products to your collection. At NEAT, we house a wide variety of unrivaled selection of skincare, makeup, and other products to help you glow. We provide premium quality products to our glow-getters so that they can add oomph to their beauty regime!

As a bonus, we also offer high-end makeup displays and exclusive cleaners to ensure they last long without losing their shine! Browse our collection to pamper yourselves or to give the strong, gorgeous women in your life a timeless gift that they will cherish forever.

 Holders Of :

-Esthetics and Cosmetology Degree from the National Cosmetology Program in the Aesthetic Science Institute.

-Advanced Cosmetic Laser Therapy from the Laser College.

-Aesthetics Microdermabrasion & Micro Needling from the Laser College.

-Scientific and Clinical Basis of Microneedling, Treatment Protocols and Post Treatment Care in Needlelogics.




NEAT is an online based Multinational beauty brand focussing on selective timeless luxurious makeup beauty tools, high-end makeup displays designed with Swarovski exclusive crystals, and going the extra mile to give your makeup vanity and beauty room the comfort of luxury. 

Details are small but affect tremendously the whole. We make sure to take great care in every aspect of production and pay much attention to the inputs from customers, striving to get the magical details that transform a product into something more unique.

The NEAT brand is considered to be the most exotic, smooth , and most contemporary structure in the region. Our Family of Happy Customers are developing and growing every single day!



We have teamed up with the best Italian manufacturers in the beauty industry to create our own beauty line of makeup brushes that are manufactured with craftsmanship: highest quality materials, attention for the details, natural sense of beauty and true passion for what we do.

What makes our makeup brushes different?

  • Creative brush shapes to facilitate the application of the product and get new, professional-grade effects.
  • Selective advanced fibres suitable for new textures and products
  • Hypoallergenic & dermatologically tested synthetic fibre with amazing characteristics: professional performance, durability, gentleness, simplicity and extremely enjoyable 100% Cruelty Free.
  • Shape memory behaviour with its excellent technical features
  • and performance.
  • Up to 30% compared to average density brushes.
  • You have to try them to see the difference between our brand and the rest of the other brands.

We have launched our line of tools as well, from makeup hand palette to perfectly designed beauty blenders and to Italian made Brush Cleansers & more, taking it one step at a time to provide our global clients with exceptional service from the Beauty industry.



Teaming up with the One and only Swarovski Crystals to create our own unique line of Makeup Displays and turn the game of displays to the ultimate level like never before with exclusive designs, unique Initials and Zodiac Signs.

Our Displays are designed, manufactured and sold directly from Lebanon, NEAT is proud to be considered a high-end brand, delivering its customers with only the crème-de-la-crème of their production. Going through several parts to reduce the incidence of bubbles forming inside the acrylic (something frequently found in third-rate faux products) and hiring the most seasoned of assemblers to glue together the individual pieces (rather than the clumsy molding process preferred by counterfeit companies). NEAT is a brand determined to provide excellence to its customers.

A brand oozing with quality, it comes as no surprise then, that NEAT has a strong base of supporters on Instagram, having a hefty following of about 25 thousand. With an eye for luxury, the brand can be seen to proudly centralize peach pink as their color as seen on their social media. One worthy of what the brand holds dearest – its unmistakable vibe of royalty, the ingenious creativity put into the formation of every product, and its dedication to maintaining its dignity via superb quality control.



Talking about quality control, NEAT prides itself in extending this power to the people by forwarding their formulaic cleaning polish aptly named “Novus Polish”. Plexiglass is a standout choice for luxury products as not only is it durable, shiny, and extravagant in every way but also shatter-proof, entirely adaptable, and considerably straightforward to use. When cleaning your makeup containers, NEAT advises its customers to first apply a generous amount of plastic cleaner to safely remove surface dirt and dust before moving on to using the NOVUS Polish to clear away scratch marks. NEAT further strongly advises its customers to utilize a microfiber cloth to clean the plexiglass products and at all costs avoid using window and surface clears as they are prone to further damaging the product and reducing its shelf life.

Our interest is expanding exclusively through firsthand referrals from overjoyed clients who have imparted their disclosure to loved ones. In proceeding with exertion to keep up the most undetectable makeup DISPLAYS available, NEAT will always upgrade slight changes to each cluster of a generation when required. Because of the endless knock-off and mediocre brands available, buyers request more data to settle on an informed purchasing choice. A few clients have submitted photographs of sub-par brands which did not satisfy their publicized quality, nor did they contrast with the excellent standard NEAT is acclaimed for. We don't pay for big name supports, nor do we give free example items to bloggers as an end-result of one-sided surveys.


1. Made from- a high-end, name brand acrylic with the most beautiful fluorescence of any acrylic in the business with a greater opacity level. If you are familiar with the difference between the purity and color of crystals, NEAT uses the same observation with different stigmas of acrylic. Many minor brands use acrylic with misty transparency, which seldom comes with further vivid blue or yellowish tone. These sorts of poor acrylics require insignificant experience to glue and are much more affordable .

2. Made with a Diamond polisher which is a machine that applies a reliable costly stone to polish the acrylic and delivers a shimmering radiance! Our production during the time was comprised of more than four months of testing into and carefully assembled attempts to deliver only one NEAT product. Our existing method with the clean polishing requires careful Premium-quality strides to produce each eminent shimmering NEAT product.

3. NEAT flaunts it's streamlined marked Knobs that are flush with the Organizers to raise a consistent, clear impact. The various handles, regardless of whether rectangular or level, traps in light, which keeps the block from having a bright appearance, and prevents an ergonomic hold. Jutting handles risks more danger of breaking and can likewise keep drawers from easily sliding. A broken handle can make the cabinet split with a similar impact as glass. Broken acrylic cannot be repaired.

4.Our KNOBS add charm to our Designs and are chosen to be the state of our mark handles to enable you to oversee ideal to your items without interference. Fluctuating handle shapes were created and tried with the NEAT structure, and the final product is our present mark handle which is both tastefully engaging, firm, and essential for our objective of delivering the most imperceptible coordinator available, not to forget the sparkling Crystal glow that drives our products to another level. Many retailers and re-dealers request their organizers from a formal plan from China. It would not be surprising to get utilized and reused acrylic. These dangers are only occasionally made open to their benefactors. Reused acrylic could yellow in a matter of a year with any sun exposure from your window. Numerous retailers may be informed that they are getting quality material and acrylic; there is no assurance when requesting abroad. Just a prepared eye can separate among new and reused acrylic. When comparing NEAT side by side with other brands, you'll notice a difference in the acrylic color throughout the seams of the organizer with other brands. Some glue seams are greenish and discolored and are an entirely different color than other parts of the organizer, which may have a purple, blue, or white undertone. Having differing undertones in the acrylic seams is a good indication that the organizer was made from different brands of acrylic from multiple manufacturers. This is a common and more affordable way of production and another telltale sign of products produced in China and sub-par quality from knock-off brands anywhere.

5. NEAT is the only company that designs and produces its own line of breathtaking acrylic makeup organizers in Lebanon. Many have falsely claimed "Made abroad" but they are clearly ordered from China . Many have also claimed made with "High end" but they are made with inferior brands of acrylic. There are plenty of viral videos produced by bloggers presenting biased and false claims regarding competing brands, in return for a free sample(s).

6. Many cosmetics organizers are produced using moldings, which is the most affordable amongst the moderate sorts of creation. Purchasing organizers made from moldings is to the likes of paying $150-$300 for simple Tupperware, punched out in high volume with a machine. Moldings lack the intricate detail and meticulous attention that a handmade product delivers. Many also claim that their acrylic organizers are "Heavy Duty" and even "4mm or 5mm " thick when in fact, they are not. There has likewise been the publicity made with acrylic Makeup Organizers as thick as aquariums. Even though it may remain constant, having that particular thickness doesn't help make the consistent and undetectable intrigue that NEAT intensely tries to keep up. Remember we are not in business to deliver aquariums, therefore NEAT declines to be held to that standard of fabrication specifications

6. Although bubbling is a natural occurrence in the gluing process, we take extra measures to reduce bubbling by re-doing certain parts. A few of the most critical factors in creating the most invisible makeup organizer on the market is the technique and application of the glue, which is a skill set our seasoned fabricators have mastered. We also have our proprietary glue, which promotes a more invisible seam. Our proprietary glue is so invisible; it creates the illusion your makeup is floating in thin air!

7. Each crease of the coordinator and each crease of the tops, bottoms, and sides of the drawers are cautiously fire cleaned by hand at the ideal temperature and speed to advance the most stunning reflection and clearness.

8. As petroleum prices increase, as will the cost of acrylic. Acrylic is derived from petroleum, and NEAT retail value is subject to the direct increase(s). The final product, which consists of individuals and meticulous handmade steps is the most exquisite, functional design and appealing design - NEAT!