4 Essentials for Setting Up the Perfect Makeup Vanity

4 Essentials for Setting Up the Perfect Makeup Vanity

Do you remember wanting a vanity in your bedroom as a teenager? Hard luck that your parents didn’t think you needed one. Well, now is a good time to fulfill your dream by setting up the perfect makeup vanity!

There’s just something special about a girl’s dressing area. When properly set up, it makes you want to put extra effort into prepping yourself for the day. Not to forget the boost of confidence you get with the application of each product before declaring yourself ready!     

If you want to experience the magic of a well-set vanity, follow the tips below!

1.   Pick the Right Mirror

The first step to setting up the perfect makeup vanity is to choose a gorgeous mirror. Without one, it’ll be just an ordinary space where you apply makeup every day.

You should consider going for a rectangular mirror that’s large enough to reflect ample light and give you a good view of yourself. That being said, your personal taste and preference will largely affect your decision. You might want to give your vanity a dramatic look with an antique mirror or you might be happy with a regular tabletop mirror. If going for the latter, make sure that the model you choose has zero magnification on one side.

2.   Focus on the Lighting

For flawless makeup application, you need fantastic lighting, no questions asked! The best bet is to set up your vanity in an area that gets the most natural light. You can also go the extra mile and install some light fixtures to cast direct light on your face. Avoid installing a light bulb over your head, as it’ll cast shadows that hinder makeup application.

3.   Choose Comfortable Seating

You’d be sitting on that chair almost every day, it better be comfortable! Consider choosing between cute little vanity stools and small benches, as they look great as well as provide comfort. Keep in mind that you’ll have to sit up straight during makeup application so your seat should support proper posture.

4.   Buy High-Quality Makeup Organizers

The key to setting up the perfect makeup vanity is to organize your makeup products and tools in proper storage containers. Leaving everything piling up on the beauty counter will just make it look messy and unsightly.

That being said, we’d recommend you buy Plexiglass makeup organizers, as they combine practicality with aesthetics. Transparent display sets will sit atop your vanity to ensure that all your essentials are within reach at all times. This will save you plenty of time and frustration too, especially on days when you have a limited amount of time to look your best!

Check out our range of Luxury Collection and Lure Collection if you’re looking for something chic, practical, and super affordable!

In addition to these essentials, you can get your hands on decorative items to suit your taste when setting up the perfect makeup vanity. Get as creative as you want today to make your mornings less hectic tomorrow!




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