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Article: Le guide ultime sur la façon de nettoyer vos organisateurs de maquillage

The Ultimate Guide on How to Clean Your Makeup Organizers | NEAT BEAUTY® LTD
Cleaning Guide

Le guide ultime sur la façon de nettoyer vos organisateurs de maquillage

Transparent makeup organizers have made the lives of makeup lovers so much easier! You can rest assured that your cosmetic products and makeup tools will remain clean and safe and you don’t have to waste time finding a specific product.

However, this also means that any spots, dirt, and scratches will be more visible on your makeup display set and so, it may not look as good as new after just a few weeks! This is where proper care and maintenance come in.

Without further ado, let’s address the burning question: how to clean your makeup organizers.

Cleaning Your Makeup Organizers

What You Need:

Here’s a list of what you’ll need to clean your makeup organizer.

  • A mild solution of soap and water
  • A cellulose sponge or microfiber cloth or any abrasive soft cloth


Follow these steps to ensure no damage is caused to your makeup organizers while cleaning them.

  1. Gently blow away all dust and loose dirt from the surface of your makeup organizer
  2. Apply the mild solution of soap and water to its surface using a cellulose sponge or an abrasive soft cloth
  3. Rinse your makeup organizer with clean water
  4. Blot dry its surface and storage areas with a damp cellulose sponge or a microfiber cloth

Alternate Method

You can also try the following method for cleaning your makeup display sets. It’s super easy and inexpensive!

  1. Use makeup remover wipes to clean the surface of your makeup organizer if it has makeup stains on it
  2. Use a damp towel dipped in detergent or dish soap to gently wipe the surface to get rid of stuck-on makeup
  3. Polish the surface using a specialty cleaning product and then dry the makeup organizer with a microfiber towel

What You Should Never Do

When cleaning plexiglass makeup organizers, never use a chemical cleaning agent or scouring compounds, such as Colin, Windex, or any glass cleaner. Even if they’re organic, environment-friendly, and non-scented, they’re not suitable if you want your makeup organizers to last long. Additionally, the dust cleaners typically used for cleaning are NOT made for acrylic makeup display sets because they can create a positive charge and attract more dust.

Moreover, if your display set has some kind of gummy substance or an adhesive label stuck to its surface, you shouldn’t be using a solvent for cleaning it. Solvents, such as thinners, gasoline, acetone, and benzene are really strong and hence, can damage the organizer’s surface. Kitchen scouring compounds, halogens, and aromatics should also be avoided. Also, never use a scouring pad for rubbing or patting the surface dry because it can cause damage, like water spotting and ruin the look of your makeup organizer.

One important thing to keep in mind when choosing a cleaning product for your plexiglass makeup organizers is that it shouldn’t contain ammonia. Ammonia tends to eat through the surface and make it look cloudy. Those with alcohol may also dull the appearance of plexiglass makeup organizers and even cause them to crack over time.

How to Remove Scratches

Don’t all of us hate scratches on our makeup organizers?

Sadly, they do happen sometimes and are especially visible on transparent display sets. However, you can easily find commercial acrylic scratch remover systems in the market that will restore the original condition of your makeup organizer.   

Typically, high-quality makeup organizers don’t get too many scratches. So, it’s best to invest in one to minimize hassle.


Now that you know how to clean your makeup organizers, get ready to give your favorite storage boxes a nice wash. Makeup organizers can be a lifelong investment as well as a stylish addition to your makeup vanity if you take proper care of them and maintain their appearance. Check out the best-quality plexiglass makeup organizers at NEAT-SHOP here to give a timeless makeover to your vanity!

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