Medium Kabuki Brush - NEAT BEAUTY® LTDMedium Kabuki Brush - NEAT BEAUTY® LTD

Medium Kabuki Brush

Maxi Kabuki Brush - NEAT BEAUTY® LTDMaxi Kabuki Brush - NEAT BEAUTY® LTD

Maxi Kabuki Brush

Slanted Powder Brush - NEAT BEAUTY® LTDSlanted Powder Brush - NEAT BEAUTY® LTD

Slanted Powder Brush

Tulip Setting Brush - NEAT BEAUTY® LTDTulip Setting Brush - NEAT BEAUTY® LTD

Tulip Setting Brush

Kabuki Brush Set - NEAT BEAUTY® LTD

Kabuki Brush Set



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100% Handmade
Italian Makeup Brushes

An advanced fibre developed In Italy for the next generation of cosmetic brushes with a durability that definitely passesthe test of time...Just as natural hair, Derma Fibre is produced in single conical filaments having a root and a point. The point is the first part touching the skin. Use a cosmetic brush with Derma Fibre and you will get such a velour effect, that application will feel like a massage. Touch the difference. Opacity and capability to absorb the light with low reflection, give it a natural hair look, no matter if full-tone or gradient colour.

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Product features


Nature Ingredient

Dermatologically tested
Vegan and Animal free


100% Handmade

The number of hairs per surface unit has been increased up to 30% compared to average density brushes.


Good for Skin

Nothing else feels like the Softness & Fullness


Makeup Perfection

The controllable density to flexibility ratio gives an incredible puff-like feel and, at the same time, the perfect necessary firmness.


Feel The Difference

We take pride in our products, the minute you'll try our exceptional brushes, you will throw away every old brush you own.