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Novus Plastic Polish Products can rejuvenate and breathe new life into thousands of everyday PRODUCTS.

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Try our polishes and you'll see why manufacturers of plastic/acrylic products have used and recommended NOVUS Polishes for years.
NOVUS has been the best kept secret for years, but the word has gotten out to millions of people that NOVUS can restore and clean your plastic/acrylic products. NOVUS Polishes have saved manufacturers and consumers millions of dollars over our 30 years in business.
Don't settle for anything but the very best!

True story! So my dad has a Polaris (I think) Razor. Its like a side by side. Its awesome. Also the plexiglas windshield cost $350! So my sister and I were trying to clean it. Bad idea, we were into for 7 different products. We used soaps, and sprays and even pledge wood polish at the end there. Why didn't we stop?! We had it so scratched up and foggy! You couldn't see out of it at all. My dad was mad. My dad was really mad. So I sulked home, and desperately searched the net for help. I found Novus polish kit so I had it mailed to my dads house. He waited 3 days to try it. He was soooo mad. So today he tried it......and he was so happy he drove the razor over to my house to show me that it looks BETTER than before! I wish we had taken pictures. Thank God! Now my dad is happy. Now my dad is VERY happy! The bottles were bigger than I expected and he said he just used a little bit and he has a lot left over for future disasters! He even wants me to print a receipt so he can show it to other Razor owners! Thanks for making me the favorite child for a while Novus!


I am able to postpone getting eyeglass lenses thanks to this product. My prescription has barely changed, but my glasses were getting so scratched up I was seeing through a fog! I'm using only the product in the blue-labelled bottle. The other two are too abrasive for lenses. With the blue-labelled solution I am now seeing through nearly clear eyeglass lenses. I spray the lenses, polish in circles with either the supplied towels or similar products that do not scratch. I then wash the glasses with soap, dry and put them on. It isn't permanent, but that's fine with me. the bottle of solution will last for years if need be!

Hania T.

Bought a new, very expensive, front load washer and dryer from B**T B*Y. Their delivery guys scratched the smoked plastic front door on the dryer carrying it into the house. They gave me the option of taking $250 off for the scratches, or waiting for a new one. Since I didn't have another 2 weeks to wait, we took the $250.

A plastic fabricator in town told me this is what they use to polish their projects before delivery. Figured it was worth the $20 to try it...

Took me 15 minutes and a little elbow grease. Now the door looks brand new!