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Article: 5 Travel Tips to Store Your Makeup Properly

5 Travel Tips to Store Your Makeup Properly | NEAT BEAUTY® LTD
Storage Guide

5 Travel Tips to Store Your Makeup Properly

Planning a trip is always exciting. However, when you’re a makeup junkie, the packing part can be stressful. Chances are your collection features several spillable (and expensive) cosmetic products and makeup tools that you wouldn’t want to see going to waste. Not to forget, they can also ruin the rest of your stuff if you don’t pack them properly.

A makeup brush with mangled bristles and a capless foundation bottle is a true makeup lover’s worst nightmare! To avoid the disappointment and embarrassment that follows, make sure you follow these travel tips to store your makeup properly.

1.   Use Multi-Purpose Products

Traveling with minimal luggage is a dream! But with so many makeup products sitting in your vanity, you just can’t choose what to travel with. The best way to go about this is by picking multi-purpose products.

A light-colored, shimmery eyeshadow works perfectly well as a highlighter. You can also use a cream blush on your eyes or lips. Even your favorite lipsticks can give the perfect cheek stain!

Pro tip: The one product that you’d want to stack up is lipsticks. They are compact, travel-friendly, and perfect to create several different looks.

2.   Pack into Travel-friendly Containers

The ideal storage option for all your must-have makeup products, including foundation, primer, concealer, and setting spray is a travel-friendly container.

If you’re traveling for just a few days, you’d want to pack just enough product to last you the trip. Small jars and bottles come in handy here. Not only will they save a lot of space in your bag but they can also be reused for future trips.

3.   Makeup Brushes and Sponges Go Separate

The convenience of tossing all your makeup products and tools in the same bag may tempt you but don’t get fooled! Not only will you end up with a not-fun-to-clean mess but also the bristles of your makeup brushes can be damaged.   

Hence, make sure that you pack all brushes and sponges separately where they won’t come in contact with anything that can ruin them. A roll-up pouch or bag is what you should be looking for!

4.   Use Plastic Wraps to Prevent Leaks

When you’re traveling with liquid makeup products, there’s always a risk of being greeted with major leaks no matter how quick your flight was.

That’s exactly why being a little extra protective of your valuable products is recommended. When you’re packing your makeup, open up the caps of liquid products and place a piece of plastic wrap. This will prevent the product from leaking and ruining the other items in your bag.

5.   Don’t Forget to Carry a Makeup Organizer

Plexiglass makeup organizers are a steal when it comes to a hassle-free traveling experience with makeup. Unlike standard organizers, they are durable and portable. Hence, they make for a safe, secure, and convenient storage option. Moreover, their transparent surface is a cherry on top because you won’t have to waste your precious time looking for specific products.  

Pro tip: Use your clothes as extra padding when packing a makeup organizer in your suitcase.


With these travel tips to store your makeup properly, you don’t have to worry about spills or product damage anymore. Browse through our collection of Plexiglass makeup organizers and find the ideal product that suits your traveling needs. These organizers will protect your cosmetic products and makeup tools as well as ensure that you have proper display sets to decorate your vanity wherever you’ll be staying!  

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