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Article: Why Plexiglass Material is Best for Makeup Organizers

Why Plexiglass Material is Best for Makeup Organizers | NEAT BEAUTY® LTD

Why Plexiglass Material is Best for Makeup Organizers

Having makeup organizers for your vanity is important but what’s more important is to make a smart choice that makes for a lifetime investment!

The material of a makeup display set plays a crucial role in determining its quality, durability, and ease of use. Among the various kinds of materials being used for makeup organizers today, Plexiglass is a popular and reliable name.

Let’s discuss why!

What is Plexiglass Material?

Plexiglass is actually a brand of acrylic (PMMA). Acrylic is a clear, thermoplastic homopolymer that serves as an impact-resistant alternative to glass. It has earned a reputation for being one of the clearest, high-quality plastics in the market.

In the most basic design, Plexiglass material is completely colorless featuring amazing optical properties. However, for stylish makeup organizers, it can be colored in a wide variety of colors.   

Characteristics of Plexiglass Material

Plexiglass material in its raw state allows the internal transmission of light in the same capacity as glass. It is quite similar to polycarbonate except for the fact that acrylic doesn’t contain any toxic and potentially harmful substances, such as bisphenol-A (BPA).

Why Plexiglass Material is Best for Makeup Organizers

Plexiglass material is an ideal choice for products that you use daily, including makeup organizers. The reason is that it is highly resistant to scratch, ensuring that the look of the product won’t be compromised for long.

This material offers excellent transparency –this is an important factor to consider when buying makeup organizers. Plexiglass display sets ensure maximum visibility of makeup products. This makes it easy to spot the tiny items at a glance and save some precious time while getting ready for a special occasion. Moreover, acrylic is lighter than glass and serves as an economical alternative for polycarbonate. This means that acrylic makeup organizers are easy to lift and handle for convenient use.

Plexiglass material can be cut into any desired fine shape using laser cutting technology because concentrated laser energy can vaporize the material. This makes for the sleek designs of Plexiglass display sets that add to the aesthetics of your makeup vanity.

Our Range of Plexiglass Display Sets

At NEAT SHOP, we offer the most stylish and modern makeup organizers made of the best-quality Plexiglas material. To offer you the best products, we combine the most beautiful fluorescence of acrylic with a higher capacity level. With the magical diamond polisher machine, we polish the acrylic material with a costly stone to ensure a shimmering radiance you’ve never seen before on a makeup display set!

That’s not it!

The crystal knobs add to the charm of our makeup organizers. And the best thing is that you can choose the knob color of your choice to give your makeup vanity a cohesive, color-coordinated look! Check out our LUXURY and LURE collections, and order your favorite TODAY!   


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