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Article: 5 Simple Makeup Looks for Day-to-Night Transitions

5 Simple Makeup Looks for Day-to-Night Transitions | NEAT BEAUTY® LTD

5 Simple Makeup Looks for Day-to-Night Transitions

Makeup is a powerful tool and one that can transform you in a few sweeps and strokes. It’s incredible having the ability to take your everyday look to new heights with a few changes and upgrades.

It’s not always possible to dress to the nines, especially if you need to head out after a day at work or running errands, or even gong from a daytime event to one at night.

That's why having a few techniques, tricks, and failsafe looks can help you elevate and transform your look instantly.

Try the following looks for easy day-to-night transitions that will have you looking fabulous in an instant:

1.     Nude eyeshadow that you can top up with eyeliner

Nude eyeshadow is perfect for wearing during the day and night. A great tip is to carry your palette around or do a look that pairs different tones of brown, taupe, or chocolate hues that you can wear through the first half of the day, and top up with some eyeliner that will instantly give you a dressier look.

Nude shadows can also be made to look more party or dinner appropriate with a dash of shimmer or smudging in darker shadow along the waterline and lashline, which gives you a smokey look.

If you'd rather not wear liquid liner or black eyeliner, you can always use a darker eyeshadow to create the same effect. It's smudgy, sexy, and looks great for a night out. Don't forget to top it off with some eyeliner though.

2.     Light shimmery shadow elevated with bold lashes

Shimmery eyeshadow is another winning day and night time look. The only difference is how the rest of your makeup and the complete eye look during each.

You can always wear shimmery shadow to work or when you’re out, but during the day it makes sense to tone it down.

Instead of crafting a whole look, swipe a light-colored shimmer across the whole lid for a glowy, dewy look, and as nighttime rolls around, you can add another layer of shimmery shadow, and darken the edges some more for a more dramatic look.

Another great trick is to put on eyelashes with your shimmer because that will instantly make you are whole look more dramatic and put-together. It's the perfect way to uplift your makeup without needing too much effort.

3.     Make highlighter your best friend for a night out

Highlighter is going to be your go-to essential for a day-to-night transition. No matter how dry your skin generally is, a highlighter during the day can make you look greasy and sweaty, and that's never really a good idea. That’s why you should keep it in your purse till it’s time to head out.

Whether you're going to the club, an office party, or just a dinner with the gang, a little highlighter goes a long way.

You can get that blinding glow any time, but remember to place it on the high points of your face so it looks amazing in all those photographs.

Focus on your nose, above your cheekbones, and a sparing amount in that cupid's bow for a failsafe look.

And since we've talked about highlighters, we must also mention contouring as an essential step in your nighttime look. Go all out with your bronzer and really sculpt your bone structure to give you that snatched supermodel look!

4.     Focus on your lips with bright night-time hues

What’s more fun than a bold lip for a night out? You can wear a bold lip during the day just as easily and top it up some more before you leave for the night.

Maybe pair it with gloss, or add some false lashes for a complete look and there you have it! It’s the epitome of sexiness to have a bold lip color when you’re headed out.

It’s also one of the easiest ways to transform a simple work look into something more fabulous. You can keep the rest of your makeup as it is, and put on a rich red, funky fuchsia, or even a purple for a statement lip. Don't hesitate to experiment and go all out for your pout.

5.     Add a pop of color to your existing makeup look

Don’t want to mess around with what you have but want to keep it fun and exciting? A pop of color is exactly what your look needs!

Some graphic liner, a streak of color in your water line, bright lower lash line, or just a tinge of colored eyeshadow in the inner corner can make a statement like no other.

What's important, however, is to make sure the rest of your look is balanced out.You can get as crazy with your choice and pairings as you like, however you should still try to make sure the colors are complementary.

For instance, blue eyeliner works well with red or pink lipsticks, but green may not, so you might have to swap out your lipstick to match.

It doesn’t just have to be neons and bright colors though. You can even use tinges of lilac, pink, or blue in your regular shimmery shadow, or add more purple to your eye-makeup.

There are so many different ways to add more color to your makeup that works both for morning and night looks.

Anyone who’s looking to create or play around with these looks will need the right tools.

You have got to get your hands on Neat Shop’s luxurious makeup and beauty tools, including lip and eye brushes,and other handmade professional makeup brushes,mixing palettes and sponges, and beauty blenders.

Their range is unbeatable and you won’t find such quality or versatility anywhere else.

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