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Article: Travel Essentials: Makeup Products and Tools You Need

Travel Essentials: Makeup Products and Tools You Need | NEAT BEAUTY® LTD

Travel Essentials: Makeup Products and Tools You Need

Jetting off to an island vacation? Hitting the mountains for some adventure? Taking a luxury trip to a resort? Traveling to a nearby city for a change of pace?

No matter what type of trip you're planning to take this year, there are definitely some things that you will be thinking about, including the makeup tools and products you need to pack.

You must be wondering what you need to keep along with you during your trip since you obviously can't take along your entire vanity and all of your palettes, brush sets, and your entire lipstick collection.

The following essentials are going to get you through any kind of travel, be it for business or pleasure, so get your list ready:

Sunblock and sunscreen are a must

While you should be wearing sunscreen every day (yes, even indoors and when it rains and snows), having them on vacation is doubly important.

This is largely because you don't want to be spending all day trekking, exploring, strolling, or even lounging by the beach, without the right sun protection.

Be sure to get a broad-spectrum product that gives you appropriate coverage and a minimum SPF of 30. Your face and any parts of your body that will be out in the sun need sun protection.

Invest in a great tinted moisturizer

While a foundation may be too heavy-duty to wear on vacation, especially full-coverage types, you can take along a CC cream or tinted moisturizer.

The latter is often a better option because it gives you your daily dose of hydration while also helping to cover up and even out your complexion.

It's the perfect product for vacations because it allows you to carry fewer items in your bag. You don't need to take a separate foundation or moisturizer—it's two in one!

Stick to one or two concealers at most

We know you love your concealers but stick to one or two products at most. Use a concealer that is true to your skin tone and works for spot concealing, especially on days you want to skip foundation or want to use something light coverage, and one that works for brightening.

If you don’t struggle with a lot of blemishes or problem areas, you can stick to just the brightening concealer for highlighting your features.

Blush and bronzer for sculpt and glow

Blush and bronzer are key steps to any makeup look, so finding a couple of products that you can work in different ways is the best decision you'll make!

A bronzer can double as your contour product too, helping you sculpt them cheekbones and jawline for amazing vacation photos, while also giving you a warm, sun-kissed glow.

For blush, find a couple of shades that complement your skin tone and can be worn with different makeup looks. A pink and a peach blush should be more than sufficient.

Translucent setting powder and fixing spray

For setting your concealer and foundation, you’re going to want something translucent that doesn't bring its own color and is neutral.

This will allow you to seamlessly set any look and give your foundation that flawless finish, without making you look caked up, and keeping the oils in your skin at bay too. you don’t want to look like an oil field in the middle of your fabulous tour!

Another essential you need for making your makeup last through tours, beach days, parties and dinners is a fixing spray that will hold your foundation and base in place all day and night long.

Basic eye makeup products to create different looks

You can’t lug around multiple palettes and shades, which is why you should find one palette that gives you basic colors including various browns and beiges, a few shimmery shades, and maybe a couple of other colors.

This will allow you to create various day and nighttime looks without needing excess products.

For your brows, stick to something easy like a pencil that you can quickly sweep on and create a gorgeous, full brow that’ll turn heads anywhere you go.

Lipsticks in a few essential colors

Of course, who can forget about lipstick? You can pack a few essential colors like red, pink, a nude that you can switch up during your trip, and even experiment with the formula.

Lipgloss or sheer lipstick, a matte finish product, and maybe a tinted lip balm or stain can be great for you!

Multipurpose Beauty blender

When it comes to makeup tools, a beauty blender sponge is a godsend. If there's no other makeup tool or applicator you pack, your sponge will get you through everything from foundation and concealer application, to blush and contour application, and even powder application.

We recommend shopping for a set for your trip, and taking along a couple of blenders that you can use all through your trip, and even carry with you while you're out and about for touch-ups.

Angled foundation and contour brush

However, it’s a smart idea to keep at least one foundation brush. This angled round foundation brush is the perfect tool for travel because it's multipurpose and can be used for precise application and coverage, stippling your foundation for a smooth finish, and getting that flawless canvas for a full day of activities, and of course, contouring and sculpting your bone structure.

Flat and fluffy eyeshadow brushes

Since you'll be taking along eyeshadow palettes, it only makes sense to keep a few essential brushes for creating the right look too.

You won't need more than a fluffy crease brush to blend and soften edges, and a flat brush to pack on pigment for bolder looks.

If you prefer wearing eyeliner, keep an angled brush as well, but all in all, you won’t really need more than these two for most of your trip.

Fluffy powder brush for setting in makeup

When it comes to brushes, you need a fluffy brush for both applying and dusting off excess powder on your face, and making sure your makeup stays set all day long.

It’s a great tool to take along when you’re traveling because it’ll keep your face free of excess oil, product breakdown, and have your makeup looking fantastic.

These items are going to be your vacation staples and get you through busy days of touring, adventure, and activities, while still keeping you looking fresh and fabulous for photos. Never miss a photo-op when you’re stocked and ready with your tools.

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