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Article: Beginner-Friendly Makeup Tools You Need to Get

Beginner-Friendly Makeup Tools You Need to Get | NEAT BEAUTY® LTD

Beginner-Friendly Makeup Tools You Need to Get

As a beginner, it’s important to find the right tools to help you create wonderful looks, get the best results and smoothest finish, as well as complete control over your strokes and techniques.

Whether you’re a complete novice, or just starting out as a professional, your kit should include the following item.

A multi-purpose makeup sponge

Everyone needs a beauty blender makeup sponge in their life. There’s no question about it. You can check out NEAT Beauty’s colorful blenders here, and pick out the set that appeals to you—remember, there's no kit that's complete without one.

This is largely because a beauty blender is a multi-purpose tool and even if you have nothing else in your kit or toolset, this will get the job done.

You can use it for everything from foundation application to concealing, highlighting, contouring, blush and bronzer application, and even setting powder application.

It’s the complete beauty tool and is perfect for beginners. Remember to dampen it for the best effect and ensuring that it’s fluffy and soft, allowing you to blend seamlessly.

A high-quality Kabuki brush

These are incredible for beginners and advanced professionals alike because they're so versatile, and help you really set in pigments and powders, and buff in foundation, etc.

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of Kabuki theatre, these brushes have stayed true to the traditional design as well.

They’re flat, round, and quite dense, which is how it’s able to offer you so much versatility in function. You can use them for foundation application, buffing, blending, and other purposes including blush application, so check out this set here.

A fluffy powder brush

You need a fluffy powder brush which is ideal for using setting powders on your face. A bigger, fluffier brush is better when you're starting out and want to cover maximum areas on your face.

It's also lighter and packs on less powder, avoiding cakiness, cracks, and dryness, while also removing the product properly when you’re ready to dust it off.

If you'd rather keep a variety in size and want to explore the uses of different powder brushes, especially those that offer more precision, this set is perfect for you.

A flat and a round foundation application brush

A flat foundation is an essential beginner-friendly makeup tool. It's going to be your best friend for applying foundation not only to your own face but for clients as well.

While a sponge works for that, a flat brushes absorbs way less product and allows you to get full coverage in even the narrowest areas.

Once your application is complete, you can use a round foundation brush for stippling and buffing it in, getting rid of streaks and harsh lines.

Our round foundation brush comes with a flat, but the angled top, that allows you to move it along hard-to-reach areas, including under the eye, temples, under the jaw, and along the forehead and hairline, for complete coverage. The flat top is also excellent for blending and getting a seamless finish.

An angled contour brush

While your angled foundation brush or blender may be used for contouring, nothing gives you precision and detailing like this angled contour brush.

Since a contour and sculpts should be very precise, placing darker pigment exactly where it's needed, and creating depth and dimension along your face, an angled brush gives you better results.

This brush is curved and rounded for a softer application, allowing you to sculpt along with your areas of focus more closely. Get the perfect cheekbone sculpt, and look snatched no matter what the occasion.

A fan brush for highlighter

No makeup look is complete with a little highlighter on your face's high points. You need to invest in a fan brush that allows you to get the light, feathery placement of highlighter along the top of your cheekbones, corners of your forehead, nose, and maybe your cupid's bow for a natural glow and a soft, summery look.

When you’re headed out for the night, use the same brush to pack on more shine and really bring out your features, and make sure it’s evenly placed with the wide, flat design. It’s a great choice for a quick makeup look.

An eye makeup brush set

Of course, you're going to need a complete set of eye makeup brushes including fluffy blending brushes, flat pigment brushes, angled liner or cut crease brushes, and a couple of others. you can always work your way up with different techniques, but whether you're a beginner, or you're a pro, this eye brush set has everything you'll need.

Each brush serves a unique purpose, so there's just no doing without them, but trust us when we say they're definitely essentials.

A lip brush for precision

Last but not least, you’re going to need a lip brush to get that perfect precision with each application.

Don’t worry about messy lining, or not having the right lip pencil, because this brush can be used directly with your lipsticks and glosses, and will help you with overlining, or perfectly sculpting your existing shape too. it’s a powerful tool and one that you definitely need to invest in for the perfect, luscious pout.

Being new to the world of makeup can be intimidating but with the right tools and accessories, including organizers, to help get you started.

You’ll feel more confident in your skills when you have the right set of tools to get you through it.

Enjoy scrolling through our beauty essentials store to find makeup and beauty essentials, including high-end luxury makeup brushes, beauty shade blenders, and much more.

NEAT Beauty is going to be your one-stop-shop for everything you need, whether you're starting out or building a professional kit for your needs.

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