Round Technical Foundation Brush

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How to use Round Technical Foundation Brush

Apply 1- 2 pumps of foundation to the back of the hand or use our Makeup Hand Palette and mix directly into the brush, use short sharp downward strokes to apply to the face.

Apply liquid foundation to the back of your hand and dip your foundation into the product.

Buff it onto your face in circular motions starting at the center of your face, working outward.

With cream foundation, continue to dip the brush into the cream and apply in the same circular buffing motion. The center of the face is usually where most of the redness is, so starting there is ideal.

Continue the circular buffing motion to the spots where you want the most foundation coverage.

Once you get to your hairline and jawline, you should have very little product left on your brush. Always be sure to blend the product along your jawline to avoid the makeup-mask look.

Key Benefits

Ideal to apply any foundation texture: liquid, creamy, and compact.

The head is extremely dense and its special shape helps to keep it absolutely compact while following the natural lines of the face: face and neck, face contours, the angles of nose and eyes.
Foundation application is very easy, uniform, and precise.

Its HQ Dermafibre is dermatologically tested, perfect to be used also on very sensitive skin. It is extremely silky and 100% cruelty-free- vegan friendly.

The quality and the technical characteristics of the fibers dermatologically tested are thought to easily slip on the skin, collecting only the correct quantity of a product and releasing it evenly.

High-End Features

  • Most Advanced fiber compared to natural hair
  • Perfect make-up application
  • An innovative yarn for a new generation of cosmetic brushes.
  • Functional and delicate.
  • HQ synthetic fiber is dermatologically tested, perfect to be used also on very sensitive skin.
  • Excellent technical properties and performance.
  • Velvety like no other.
  • Every touch is an experience.
  • Refined reflections and magnificent appearance.
  • Soft & Full.
  • Sensational density and softness.
  • Like natural hair even better.
  • Adaptability to cosmetic formulations.


What Makes Our Brushes Different

Our brushes are HANDMADE IN ITALY with artisanal techniques that still have the flavor of the shop and that ensure a quality that the most prestigious brands still seek. 

Just like natural hair, Our Brushes are made up of single conical filaments consisting of a root and a feather, the first to touch the skin. Using a cosmetic brush made with Dermafibre gives such a velvety effect that the application is a real sensory experience. Experience the feeling. Opacity, low reflectance, and the ability to absorb light give it an appearance similar to natural hair, both in full and shaded shades.

The quality and the technical characteristics of the synthetic fibers dermatologically tested are thought to easily slip on the skin, collecting only the correct quantity of a product and releasing it evenly.

It is the most advanced and innovative yarn compared to natural hair and synthetic yarns, even of the latest generation.

Beauty, softness, and precision in application come together for unprecedented results.

The profile of the brush is made in the very first stage of processing. The particular Set-in-shape technique used in the construction of Dermafibre brushes ensures that the shape is maintained over time, safeguarding the most important part of the filament: the feather. The stable and non-slip surface of the Dermafibre yarn also allows you to perfectly fit the shape of the brush, guaranteeing the best result ever.

The uniquely designed surface texture of Dermafibre enables powders and liquids to perfectly adhere to the fiber, as well as release smoothly to the skin, allowing makeup application to be more effortless. No animals are harmed in the making of our brushes. We are 100% Vegan.

Skin Loving Materials: NEAT  brushes are all dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. Extensive patch and human irritation testing have proven our brushes to be compatible with sensitive skin.

30% more hairs per surface unit: Compared to average synthetic makeup brushes. As you would expect, this extraordinary density provides superior tactile perception and gives each brush an incredible softness without sacrificing flexibility during use.

Guaranteed to No fiber shedding Combining traditional Italian brush-making techniques with the non-slip Dermafibre technology, the fibers are fixed in a secure way to avoid hair loss even after sustained heavy use. Built to handle the frequent and sustained use delivered by professional makeup artists over time.


For a Hygienic routine and long-lasting life for your brushes, it is highly recommended to wash your brushes using the NEAT White Musk Soap Cleanser, your brushes will stay new and soft.


Made With

  • ✔ Most advanced Synthetic hair
  • ✔ Dermatologically tested
  • ✔ Hypoallergenic.
  •  Gentle on the skin
  • ✔ Vegan and Animal-free
  •  Ethical
  • ✔ Ecological
  • ✔ Cruelty-free
  • ✔ 100% Vegan

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هذه أوقات غير مؤكدة ، لكننا على يقين من شيء واحد: وضع صحة وسلامة فريقنا وعملائنا أولاً هو المفتاح وهذا هو السبب في أننا نتخذ كل خطوة ضرورية كما نصحت منظمة الصحة العالمية.
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