Swarovski Luxury Initial

Sale price$55

Luxury Swarovski Initial to glam your display, our new fully crystallized displays are tailor-made and carefully designed.


offers just enough sparkle for every need and taste. This sophisticated exclusive design will make a sparkling statement on an already beautiful display.

The most exciting part of the new range is that you can make your display unique by customizing it with your Initials or your Zodiac sign. Let us do the magic by giving you a breathtaking display that was made uniquely for you to keep all your treasured belongings.

Choose Your Swarovski Initial:
Swarovski Luxury Initial - NEAT BEAUTY® LTD
Swarovski Luxury Initial Sale price$55

Hmmm, looks like you're searching for items that are sold specifically within another item, for example ( Knobs or Swarovski initials ). Unfortunately those items cannot be sold separately!! 


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