Affiliate & Partnership Program:

Welcome to NEAT - Affiliate & Partnership Program: if you have a channel on YouTube or are a blogger and have a decent number of followers on your Social media and want to earn with us. Then you are at the right place and you are always welcome here. 

Benefits of our Partner Program when you sign up to the Affiliate Program:
  • Earn up to 10% commission on net sales, excluding shipping, taxes, and returns.
  • You will directly receive an email linking to your dashboard.
  • You need to confirm and activate your account in order to be able to access your dashboard provided by NEAT.
  • The NEAT marketing team will then review your details to check whether you are eligible to join the program and will send you a confirmation whether you were accepted or denied.
  • In case of acceptance, you will receive a discount code that you will be able to provide to your customers.
  • Receive 10% off every sale.
  • Your own custom Discount Code that will give 10% off on your followers or any other clients using your discount code on their orders.

  • Your own Referral link to share with your followers.

  • Payout your money through Money Transfer or NEAT will generate a code that you can use to buy anything from our store with your balance.
  • Commission payouts are after the close of each month (after the customer order has shipped) and payments are processed.
  • Each time a sale is made you'll receive email notification of the details. You can also log into your affiliate account anytime to see full statistics.
  • (**Payments may take up to 7-14 days to process after the close of each month. Commissions may not reflect until the order has been fulfilled**)
 Terms of Partnership:
  • You may not abuse the system. In case anything abnormal is found it will lead to your partnership termination.
  • Your balance gets available for payouts after a maximum of 7-14 days of purchase.
  • These terms can change in the future and you will be informed if anything changes.

 Privacy Policy: 

Easy to understand Privacy Policy when you sign up to our affiliate program:
  • We receive some personally identifiable information about you such as your email address, first name, and last name. This is the information that you add in the signup form for joining our affiliate program.
So, what we do with your information?
  • Simply put, we do not share or rent your personal information to third parties for spamming you. We may store your email address in our emails list and can send you periodic emails about our products, new releases, promotions and anything else that can help you with your affiliate marketing. You can unsubscribe from these emails anytime.

  • Also please note that when you signup to our affiliate program, you are also registered as an affiliate in the database software which we use to track your affiliate orders and pay commissions. The team may also send you periodic emails that can help you do affiliate marketing more efficiently. You can unsubscribe from these emails anytime.