4 Makeup Organizing Tips Beauty Bloggers Swear By

4 Makeup Organizing Tips Beauty Bloggers Swear By

Do you aspire to have a professional-level makeup collection that could rival that of your favorite beauty blogger?   

Oh, don’t we all!

This means you LOVE spending your money on makeup and you have collected A LOT of products already. While this sounds amazing, it can be overwhelming to keep everything organized.

This is why we have rounded up the top four makeup organizing tips that all beauty bloggers follow and swear by!

1.   Think Drawer Organizers

You know what the basic rule of having the perfect makeup vanity is, right? Not all products go on the top to be shown off. The vanity should look neat and organized. Well, one of the best ways to store items out of sight is by investing in a drawer organizer instead of tossing everything in a messy makeup bag.

You can use the different sections of the drawer to keep all items organized based on their categories. This way you’ll have everything sorted if someone asks for a sneak peek in your unseen makeup collection.

2.   Use Mugs

Mugs are a unique way of storing makeup brushes, mascaras, and eyeliners. You can also use shorter mugs for keeping your lipsticks organized.

The best thing is that you can be as creative as you like when picking the perfect mug for your makeup vanity. Explore different shapes, materials, and designs, and mix and match the color with your room’s décor.   

3.   Try Magnets

If you’re someone who uses more makeup items and tools than others on a daily basis and wants all essentials to be within reach at all times, you should consider befriending magnets!

All you have to do is apply magnetic stickers or magnetic tape at the back of each product and stick them all on a metal board. Arrange everything nicely for a sophisticated look. In case you’re up for spending some money, you can easily find magnetic boards for sale online.

4.   Nothing Can Beat Plexiglass Makeup Organizers

We really mean it when we say that nothing beats Plexiglass makeup organizers when it comes to giving your vanity a unique touch. These display sets are made of high-quality, transparent material, which means that all your makeup products and tools will be right in front of your eyes every time you stand in front of the mirror to doll yourself up!

Moreover, Plexiglass makeup organizers are highly durable and are known for keeping your products safe and clean. Plus, they look so stunning when placed on the countertop of a nice vanity!

With these makeup organizing tips, it’s time to keep all your beloved makeup products and tools safe and organized for long-term use. You can find the best Plexiglass makeup organizers at NEAT-SHOP to complement your makeup vanity and add to its aesthetics for an Instagram-worthy look!


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