Blossom Shades Beauty Blender



If you're looking for the perfect makeup blender, then our Beauty Blenders are a first choice, they are made of eco-friendly material that will not cause damage to your skin. Perfect for baking, reaches the tiniest edges, and most of all, no cakey looks.

The Blossom Shades Beauty Blender sponges flawlessly apply foundation, liquid concealer, primer, and other makeup without leaving uneven areas or streeks.

The Ultimate Makeup Tool, A professional finish and flawless complexion every time, Durable, non-disposable, provides effortless and fast application.

Don't just use it to apply your makeup—it can help refresh your look throughout the day as well.


Material  Hydrophilic non-latex sponge
Specs Set of 3 Gradient Colors of non- latex water drop shape makeup sponges
Size per sponge
D40 * H60 mm


    • Dampen the sponge and squeeze out.
    • Dot makeup on your face and then bounce the sponge gently onto the makeup, blend with a patting motion.
    • Use the round base for foundation and blush on the larger areas of your face such as your forehead, cheeks, and chin, whilst the point works well around the eyes, in the smile lines, and on spots.
    • Wash with Beauty Blender cleanser or gentle soap and warm water.
    • Squeeze and let dry.
    • It can be used and re-used for up to 3 months.



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