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Article: Should You Store Makeup Products in the Bathroom?

Should You Store Makeup Products in the Bathroom? | NEAT BEAUTY® LTD

Should You Store Makeup Products in the Bathroom?

Should You Store Makeup Products in the Bathroom?

When it comes to makeup application many women consider the bathroom sink as their best friend. So, it makes total sense that they store makeup products in the bathroom.

Having your foundation, concealers, eyeshadows, and lipsticks within easy reach is ideal when you’re standing in front of the bathroom mirror and have little time to get ready for the day, right?

Sure, it’s more convenient and nothing can beat the lighting there but if you love your makeup collection, you should stop storing makeup products in the bathroom.

Need a reason? Let’s give you three!

1.   Bathrooms Are Never Clean

You might want to argue here and say that you clean your bathroom every day but let’s face it, bathrooms are never the cleanest places in the house. You go in there to wash off the dirt in the shower or bath. And sometimes, there’s a toilet installed right there! We don’t need to remind you of the release of bacteria into the air upon flushing with the lid up, do we?

Believe it or not, bathrooms just can’t be clean at all times! Hence, storing your makeup products in there is never a good idea.

2.   Bacteria and Microbes Lurk in There!

A study conducted in 2019 revealed that almost 79-90% of makeup products stored in the bathroom were contaminated with bacteria. It’s in the air, ladies!

You must know that some of these bacteria and microbes can be potentially harmful to your health. And if you end up using a makeup brush or beauty blender after just dropping it on the floor whether intentionally or unintentionally in a hurry, you’ll be rubbing bacteria more than the makeup product on your face! Gross! Ultimately, you may wake up to pimples or start feeling irritation on your skin.  

3.   It Causes Makeup Products to Degrade

If you love taking hot, steamy showers, you should quit the habit of keeping makeup products in the bathroom NOW! The steam from the shower makes your bathroom the perfect place for bacteria to grow and multiply.

Besides, the warmth can also compromise the look, feel, and smell of your favorite makeup items, causing them to degrade over time. Certain ingredients may break down and oxidize due to the heat and the makeup collection that you’ve bought with so much love (and money) will be of no use in just a few weeks.

Proper Makeup Storage: What You Should Do

Ideally, you should store makeup products in a cool, dry place at a temperature ranging from 8 to 120 C. if you want your beauty items to last long, you should avoid exposing them to air and moisture.

And if you do insist on keeping your makeup products in the bathroom, you should consider storing them in proper Plexiglass makeup organizers and putting in lower drawers as compared to the top shelves where the heat gets the most. You can find some of the best high-quality Plexiglas makeup organizers here! It’s time to start taking care of your makeup products and tools like they deserve!

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