5 Makeup Storage Tips You Need to Follow

You’re a makeup hoarder – your bathroom counter tells it! Collecting makeup products is all fun and games until you can never find the right item when you need it.

That’s why having a neat, well-organized vanity is so important. We make it easy by sharing these makeup storage tips with you for a vanity that’s totally Instagram-worthy!

1.   Separate the Items You Use Everyday

We all have a few essential makeup products that we use every day. The rest of the collection is for days when you feel like putting extra effort into your look or when it’s some special occasion.

The first rule for organizing your makeup is to separate the products that you use daily. You may put them in a transparent makeup bag or container, or simply arrange them on a shelf in a clear cabinet. This way, you’ll easily find what you need – it’ll be a relief for days when you get up late and have to rush to get somewhere on time.

2.   Categorize Your Makeup Products

If you love collecting makeup, you must have several items lying around from each category. The best way to keep them organized is by storing them in makeup organizers. You might think of it as an expensive ‘want’ but trust us when we say that it’s a smart, worthy investment.

Storing items in makeup display sets will not only make your collection look presentable but also ensure that every product is in front of your eyes all the time. Besides, good-quality makeup organizers keep your products safe and in good shape for long-term use. 

3.   Get Creative

Want to take your organizing spree to the next level?

Start organizing your makeup by occasion or color because the task doesn’t have to be boring! You can categorize your lipsticks by shades or store your daytime makeup, going-out makeup, and everyday makeup in separate makeup organizers.

4.   Store Your Lipsticks Upside Down

How many times have you pulled out tens of wrong lipsticks before you finally grab the one shade you’re looking for? Not to mention the mess you end up creating all for the sake of finding the perfect shade to match your outfit.

With lipsticks, it can be a struggle!

The best way to avoid this problem is by storing your lipsticks in a proper display set with their color tags facing up. This way, you’ll only have to run your eyes over until you spot the one lipstick you’re looking for.

5.   Keep the ‘Frequency of Use’ in Mind

The golden rule to follow while organizing your makeup collection is to categorize the products based on how frequently you use them. Obviously, you’ll want to have your favorite, everyday use products super accessible and get rid of things that you don’t use anymore.

The ideal way to go about this is by going through your entire collection regularly to throw away the items that have expired or that you don’t like and use.

With these easy-to-follow makeup storage tips, get ready to transform your cluttered makeup space into a tidy, efficient, and aesthetic vanity! Don’t forget to check out the beautiful collection of makeup display sets at NEAT SHOP to choose the perfect item that goes with the theme of your makeup vanity.


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