4 Makeup Storage Mistakes You Should Avoid

Do you store your makeup products wherever it is the most convenient for you?

Why, aren’t you a true makeup lover!

After you buy your favorite cosmetic products with so much love and hard-earned money, not storing them properly just doesn’t make sense. If some random storage hacks that you read on the internet have instilled the idea that there’s no such thing as ‘proper’ storage, let’s clarify that you don’t always get the best advice there!

This brings us to four common makeup storage mistakes that women make before they stop believing in the idea of proper makeup storage. Try avoiding these and see the results yourself!

1.   Keeping Products in the Shower

We know it’s more convenient for you to bring your makeup or skincare products in the shower and leave them there for future use BUT it’s not what you should be doing. Heat and humidity from the shower can cause the ingredients in your favorite products to break down quickly, compromising their quality. Moreover, if water gets inside the packaging, it dilutes the formula.  

To keep your makeup and skincare products working at their best, make sure you bring them in the shower only when you’re ready to use them and never leave them there after use.

2.   Exposing Them to Direct Sunlight

Exposing your makeup products to direct sunlight or storing them in hot areas may lead to real, costly consequences. It can cause the active ingredients in the products to break down and lose their essence. Therefore, it’s best to store all your products in a cool, dry place to enjoy the best long-term use.

3.   Leaving the Lids Off

You may think forgetting to put the lids on is harmless but it can prove to be one of the biggest makeup storage mistakes. And this isn’t just for makeup and nail polishes but for every beauty product you own. Make sure all products are sealed tightly after use to prevent them from drying out. Immediately putting the lids back on also ensures that the product remains free from dust, debris, and contaminants.

4.   Storing Everything Together

You might think it’s justified to store all your makeup and beauty products together because you have a small space to work with. However, this practice can actually damage some of your products.

Cramming everything together can cause the product residue to spread. This means delicate makeup tools, such as brushes and sponges can get damaged. It’s better to invest some bucks into nice makeup organizers that would keep everything safe and at their best instead of buying the same makeup products again and again.

If you can’t afford to get separate makeup display sets for every product category, at least get a makeup organizer for the makeup tools. It’ll help you save plenty of money in the long run.

5.   Storing Makeup Products on the Bathroom Counter

Bathroom counter may be the most convenient spot for keeping your makeup and beauty products but it’s definitely not the ideal storage location. Many products can’t handle the frequent shifts in temperature that happen there.

The products may oxidize and even become harmful for your skin. A better alternative is to store them in lower cabinets in the bathroom. Otherwise, it’s best to keep them outside in your bedroom.


How many of these makeup storage mistakes have you been making? It’s time to quit these habits to extend the shelf life of your makeup products. Check out the LUXURY and LURE collection of makeup organizers at NEAT SHOP today, and get your hands on a display set that not only keeps your products safe and presentable but also makes it easier for you to spot them at a glance!      

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